The Beauty Of Having Hope


There is no beauty in life more than the beauty of having hope.

I recently captured this photo in my back yard. The beautiful butterfly had landed on the ugly patch of concrete and shell mixture. Until that moment, I had thought that patch had no redeeming value and I couldn’t wait to remove it. When he landed there, it reminded me of times in our lives when we hold onto hope even in the ugliest situations. Then, I got a glimpse of how Hope must appear in the unseen realm, a beautiful reminder of better times ahead. Often we struggle to hang on during the difficult times we experience in our lives. When you encounter one of those times remember, there is beauty just ahead ready to land right in the middle of the ugly. Hope and Blessings to you!! 🙂


Hope Has Wings


What Is Hope?

It is the foundation of our existence, a powerful force, not a feeling. Feelings fail us, but hope launches us into perseverance. We must harness the power of hope, making it a daily choice.

Choosing hope causes us to believe things really can change.

Hope is critical to our well-being. As we embrace hope, it propels us forward above all obstacles, and we are lifted up! ~ Tammy Taylor

Are You A Caterpillar?


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.”
~Richard Bach

Life can be challenging at times, that’s for sure. During these challenges we often feel like the world is about to end. When this happens, don’t give up hope. Hang on caterpillar, your wings are about to arrive!

Hope Parade

I hope you enjoy this parade of butterflies! May you be Blessed!

Hope Springs Forth!

See the caterpillar eating the plant?

The caterpillar has now changed shapes and gone into it’s chrysalis. This encased form will be where the butterfly takes shape. The process takes about 10-14 days.

The butterfly is about half way complete here. If you look closely you can see the wings inside taking form.

It’s now only minutes from emerging!

Hope Springs Forth! The butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis as quickly as it goes into it. It takes only a moment for it to change shapes into it and break out of it.

Getting Ready for Take-Off!

It has always fascinated me to witness the various stages a butterfly goes through to become its true self. From the moment it’s hatched from the egg, the caterpillar must begin eating everything in sight. Once it’s big enough, it must make the long journey to just the right place. Then, it must hang upside down and liquefy to become a chrysalis. After 10-14 days it springs forth and must hang out to dry for several hours before it can take flight. When you think about it, that is an incredible journey! A journey that provides great hope. For even when the caterpillar liquefies and all would seem lost at that point, it is a necessary step in the transformation. We can take heart, that even when all seems lost, where there is breathe, there is still hope! Hang on and Hope will spring forth!

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