Arms Of Hope

USA Today

USA Today

Retired Infantryman Brendan M. Marrocco lost all 4 of his limbs while serving in Iraq in 2009. Wounded by a roadside bomb, Marrocco said he could get by without legs, it was living without arms that he hated. Having no arms made even simple tasks impossible.

Six weeks ago a team of surgeons at John Hopkins Hospital performed a  successful bilateral arm transplant — giving two new arms to the wounded soldier. He also received bone marrow from the donor — a method shown to prevent rejection and reduce the need for anti-rejection drugs that can lead to organ damage and infection.

When asked what message he had for other wounded soldiers he replied “Just not to give up hope. You know, life always gets better, and you’re still alive. And to be stubborn. There’s a lot of people who will say you can’t do something. Just be stubborn and do it anyway.”

Doctors don’t want him using his new arms much yet, however Marrocco’s strong determination to regain independence was one of the main reasons he was chosen to receive the surgery. His attitude and determination is that of a true Hope Messenger. Much love and respect to you Brendan Marrocco, thank you for your service and the hope you share!


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  1. Carolyn Hughes
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 06:59:56

    What an inspirational post. Thank you!


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