Great Hope


Great Hope, makes Great Men

– Thomas Fuller

This is a wonderful quote and worthy of some exploration. tells us the definition of great is-unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions: unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity: wonderful; first-rate; very good: being such in an extreme or notable degree. gives us the following synonyms for great- abundant, colossal, gigantic, strong, tremendous, vast. These are some very powerful words and concepts.

Having unusual or considerable in degree hope makes an unusual or considerable in degree person. When one has abundant hope it makes them an abundant person. Hope allows us to move towards what we desire or dream for, without seeing it first. It isn’t a thing or an object, not even a feeling. Hope is something we cannot grasp a hold of with our physical beings. When we have great hope it makes us experience a great life as we are enlarged in all areas. Do you have great hope?


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