A Tree of Hope

Associated Press

Associated Press

Pulled from tons of rubble, an artificial Christmas tree has become a symbol of Hope. A local Union Beach, N.J. youth soccer coach drove past the tree three days in a row on his way to help neighbors rip up the carpet from their flooded homes when he decided to plucked it from its waterlogged storage bag. He set it up in a near-by vacant field and watched in amazement as residents made the tree their own. They began adorning it with handmade ornaments, lights and hand written messages of hope and recovery. One family wrote, “We believe! We have hope! We will recover!” Now, a month later, Union Beach has rallied around the tree.

“It’s become the sign of our hope, that life goes on and you move forward. It’s just amazing,” said Gigi Liaguno-Dorr. James Butler recalled the night in early November when he took the tree out of the bag. “It was like the rest of the town: It smelled bad and it was sopping wet,” he said. He put up a handmade sign next to it that read: “Dear Sandy: You can’t wash away hope. You only watered it so more hope can grow. Signed, Union Beach.”

Here we find yet another example of the power of hope and what can happen when people join theirs together in one accord. This whole town is now inspired to overcome a very devastating event. Has hope gotten you through something difficult recently? Have you shared your hope with someone in need lately? Hope and Blessings to all of you.



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