Our World Today – Finding Hope During Times Of Tragedy – Part 2


The grief our nation is experiencing is almost unbearable. The violence has been all around us and yet this time it has hit the very young and innocent. How could this happen we are saying. The cry for gun control is loud and clear and yet gun control is not quite the answer here. The reality is evil is responsible for the chaos all around us. Just today in the paper there were many examples of its existence. Here are just a few –

Friday two men doused four people with a flammable liquid at a Denver apartment and set them on fire.

North Korean soldiers attend a mass rally on Friday to celebrate the success of a rocket launch despite international condemnation.

22 chinese children were injured by a knife-wielding man outside a primary school in central China on Friday.

A 46-year-old man was indicted Thursday for killing a 17-year-old teenager over loud music coming from the teen’s car.

This isn’t a gun control issue, this is a heart issue. Our heart is the center of our being, and it manifests our true self more than any outward actions. There are hearts out there that have given in to the evil that dwells among us. We must not allow these tragic events to take our hearts as well. We must also wake up and take a look around. Do you see any hurting hearts? If so, reach out to them and share some of your hope before they go too far and get ensnared by the evil lurking. We are our brother’s keeper. The truth is, all of us have the potential of losing hope. When we share our hope, we are not only helping someone else, we are helping ourselves. Here are a few examples of that hope being shared –

Connecticut School Shooting

(AP Photo/Allen Breed)


(AP Photo/Allen Breed)

Frank DeAngelis, principle of Columbine High School had this to say in resonse to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting- “You go to a movie theater in Aurora and all of a sudden your life is taken. You’re at a shopping mall in Portland., Ore., and your life is taken. This morning, when parents kissed their kids goodbye knowing that they are going to be home to celebrate the holiday season coming up, you don’t expect this to happen. I think as a society, we need to come together.”

Our world today is filled with chaos and pain, yet in the midst of it all, lies the power of hope. We need to choose to pull ourselves up and out of the torment that life brings us. Doing this alone is often impossible. There is great strength available in the people around us. When we reach out to others, we are infused with powerful energy. I believe we are all here together to help each other. Still, we have to choose to reach out. Let’s nurture our hope together and watch the power it creates.



And let us not forget from where that hope comes that is within. “When you look out and see chaos, look up” -Tammy Taylor


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